Legendary Ryokan delivering the flavor and
culture of the Eastern Lake Biwa
Ryotei Ryokan Yasui

The warm hospitality of the
Japanese spirit "Wa"
and japanese traditions
The warm hospitality of the
Japanese spirit "Wa"
and japanese traditions
The warm hospitality of the
Japanese spirit "Wa"
and japanese traditions
The warm hospitality of the
Japanese spirit "Wa"
and japanese traditions
The warm hospitality of the
Japanese spirit "Wa"
and japanese traditions


Ambiance enriched with
Japanese cultures and
Exquisite cuisine of the
lake country, Shiga
Elegant Japanese garden

Here at Ryotei Ryokan YASUI, located near the historical 400 year-old Hikone Castle(National treasure) in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, we highly cherish Japanese traditions, along with the Japanese spirit “Wa” atmosphere, and look forward to meeting everyone.

Guest Rooms

Every room faces our beautiful Japanese garden so that you can feel the peacefulness and the changes of the four seasons.
Arranged flowers and refined furnishings on a tokonoma (alcove) serve as a space of calmness and tranquility.

恵 方
晒 女
富 貴
Cypress wood bathtub
遊 山
Cypress wood bathtub
所 縁
Cypress wood bathtub
雲 母
Cypress wood bathtub
Cypress wood bathtub
紀 文
No bath
紅 葉
Cypress wood bathtub


An uncompromising
pursuit for fine
cuisine of Shiga, the
lake country

Ryotei Ryokan YASUI, which is partly named after
the Ii Clan, lords of Hikone Castle, brings guests
the joy of experiencing peacefulness and
relaxation with an omotetashi spirit.


Not only do we carefully select all of our ingredients based on the season, we venture out into the hills and fields ourself to provide raw ingredients and treatment. We thrive towards the most flavorful gourmet foods.

You can help yourself to our charming and exquisite gourmet prepared with only the finest ingredients.

We incorporate a menu with strictly chosen seasonal ingredients planned season by season.


A blend of refinement and serenity
Extraordinary yet comfortable

A peaceful modern lodge that keeps the virtues of tradition with its
smell of nature throughout. Experience 100 years of history and culture
amidst our tatami-floor hallways and traditional iroris (sunken fireplace)
which leave behind the name of the Ōjōya (main village headmaster).


Whether it is for a wedding, banquet, party, memorial service, conference, or other event, we will prepare our lodge based on our customers needs.


Spend relaxing, blissful time while enjoying the beauty of the seasons, surrounded by ever changing scenery, the sound of the wind and songs of the birds, and the sweet smell of the flowers.


For memories of your trip, take home souvenirs made by Ryotei Ryokan YASUI to your loved ones.

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Local Area

Tourism information around Hikone Castle

Hikone Castle

Hikone Castle is one of the eight picturesque sights of Lake Biwa. Take a stroll inside Hikone Castle and view its majestic appearance that avoided years of warfare during the Meiji Period and that today floats beautifully under the moonlight.


With lush trees and the tower of Hikone Castle in the background stands Rinchikaku as if extending out of the large pond that surrounds it. There, also stands Hōshōdai upon a garden hill. Hōshōdai is a rustic, refined architectural structure that acted as a reception hall for guests of honor of the Hikone Domain.

Hikone Castle Museum

As a plan to unify the building as both a museum and a restoration of its state during its time used for government affairs and ceremonies by the Hikone Domain during the Edo Period, the museum of Hōshōdai was opened on February 11th, 1987, the 50th anniversary of the municipal government.


"Suigou Meguri"

“Suigou Meguri” is a canal tour that replicates the sailing activities of the imperial court, which was said to have been started by Castle Lord Toyotomi Hidetsugu 400 years ago. Experience the seasonal nature view that can only be found in Omihachiman.

Blueberry Picking

At the nearly 3 hectare-large “Rosa & Berry Tawada” there over 30 varieties and 4000 trees from which ripe violet blueberries dangle abundantly during picking season in the summer.

Little Edo Hikone Castle Parade

The “Little Edo Hikone Castle Festival” is the largest festival of Hikone which takes place every year on and around October 29th, the birthday of the 13th Hikone Castle Lord, Chief Minister Ii Naosuke. This parade is the main event of the festival.



An Udon, Soba, and Japanese Teishoku Restaurant. We take pride in our homemade Udon with our specialty dashi. We have menus for various dishes such as Udon, Soba, Tempura, Katsudon, and our famous Saba Sushi. A restaurant of Ryoutei Ryokan YASUI.


An Omi Beef restaurant owned by Sennaritei. A specialist restaurant where you can gaze at a beautiful Japanese-style garden while tasting dishes such as Sukiyaki, Steak, and Shabu Shabu prepared with Omi Beef.


An Italian and Mediterranean restaurant regarded highly by customers. A popular restaurant which has satisfied the tongues of many happy customers with their wide variety of carefully-selected ingredients. They also have an abundant selection of Italian wines personally purchased by the owner himself.


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